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Palladian Routes is an authentically elegant way to savor the beauty of the Palladian Lands, welcoming, accompanying and inspiring our friends with taste, passion and authenticity. Every day, the network of people around the world who share the passion for the rediscovery of our ancient golden age and its values grows around the business network of the owners of the Palladian Villas. We will go together to discover the UNESCO heritage territories in which our villas are immersed, places where nature and man together have created landscapes of absolute and unexpected wonder during our golden ages. We will explore the most authentic corners of the cities of art such as Vicenza, Verona and Treviso; ancient villages such as Marostica, Asolo and Peschiera, framed by enchanting landscapes between Lake Garda and Venezi; our hills of world famous vineyards, the lovely river banks, the sumptuous bouquet of the lagoon and its islands. The best of our cuisine, wines and crafts, in our historic cellars, workshops and restaurants, only in places completely immersed in our history and in our most fascinating landscapes. Each trip - regardless of its duration - has its own unique elegant fragrance, offered to discover the look and taste. Each trip is a work of art of pleasure and beauty, of kind sharing, of dedication and charm, on which we place our signature.

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